IB studies

Examples of old IB entrance exams (preparatory year)

MS Word -tiedostoEnglish_entrance exam '15.docx (14 kB)
Example of old English entrace exam.
MS Word -tiedostoPreIBexamOLD.DOC (95 kB)
Old pre-IB Mathematics entrance exam, example 1
MS Word -tiedostoMath.doc (105 kB)
Old pre-IB Mathematics entrance exam, example 2
PDF-tiedostoMA_PreIB_exam2017.pdf (13 kB)
Old pre-IB Mathematics entrance exam, example 3

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IB Coordinator

Tuija Laurila
tel. +358 40 806 2909

Guidance counselors

Seppo Linnaranta
tel. +358 40 716 5705

Salla Luukkonen
tel. +358 40 502 2498



The IB programme (International Baccalaureate Diploma) is an international English-speaking course, which is offered by over 3 000 schools in the world and 17 in Finland. Rellu is one of these. The IB diploma offers a general eligibility for further studies at both Finnish universities as well as abroad.

The actual IB programme lasts two years. Before moving to the programme the students study one year according to the Finnish curriculum, but mainly in English. During the spring of the first year students select their IB subjects from the following subjects:

-    Group 1: Best language (Finnish A Literature or English A Language and Literature)
-    Group 2: Second best language (English A, Finnish A, Finnish B, French B or Spanish B)
-    Group 3: Individuals and societies (History, Economics or Psychology)
-    Group 4: Science (Biology, Physics or Chemistry)
-    Group 5: Mathematics
-    Group 6: Visual Arts or voluntary  subjects (Art or a second subject from groups 2-4).

The following subject groups will be taught at the same time, which means that a student can choose only one from each group to their IB programme:

1. Economics / Visual Arts / Spanish B
2. Physics / Psychology / French B
3. Chemistry / History

Because of the all-round education Mathematics, the Finnish language and English are compulsory subjects. There is also Theory of knowledge studies as well as a CAS (Creativity, Action and Service) project, which emphasises social activity. An Extended Essay is written in one of the six subjects and the rest of the subjects chosen for the programme form the basis for the baccalaureate exam.

IB Final exams are taken at the end of the three year studies in May. The exam fee varies from year to year, but is usually about 600€ - 700€.