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Tampereen lyseon lukio - Rellu


Tampereen lyseon lukio high school – Rellu for short – has 135 years experience of achieving results. Although there are as many ways of studying as the there are students, there are three programmes of study: a high-quality general high school programme, a European Studies programme and an IB programme taught in English and culminating in the international baccalaureate exam.


In Tampereen lyseon lukio high school, or Rellu to its students, you are not only in the city centre; you are also in a centre of learning. Because Rellu is big by Finnish standards, it has the chance to offer a wide range of courses in different subjects. Depending on your interests, you can also study courses independently or in other schools.

In Rellu we have a varied range of languages

• A-languages English, German, French, Spanish

• B1-language Swedish

• B2-languages French, German

• B3-languages Spanish, French, German, Russia

as well as a wide-ranging selection of subjects in mathematics, the natural sciences and the humanities. Rellu’s friendship and cooperation schools are in France, Germany and in Spain. Through the European Studies and the IB programmes our school is part of the worldwide school network.

Taking advantage of the school’s strong connections with the academic world, Rellu students are the most active participants in the University of Tampere courses.


The European studies programme offers students an opportunity to emphasise social sciences and languages in their study plan. Research projects, visiting experts and study trips help students to form a view of Finnish society, international cooperation and the actions of the European Union. A work practice period is included to this programme. University studies which take place during the high school years help students to plan future studies and also lower the threshold for starting further studies.

The European Studies programme is for you, if you

- want to participate and influence the course of your studies

- are interested in current affairs and you follow these in your own time

- want to improve your communication skills

- want to become familiar with other cultures

- want to understand your surrounding society better.

European Studies programme coordinator

Elina Oksanen


IB (International Baccalaureate) Studies


IB application form for those who apply from abroad

PDF-tiedostoIB application form abroad2017 .pdf (9 kB)
If you apply to our IB section from abroad, please fill in this form and send it to us either by letter or as an attachment of an email.